Topglass® GC SPF

Reduce heat and glare with Topglass GC SPF

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Topglass GC SPF is a revolutionary and innovative Gelcoated natural lighting product aptly named Topglass GC SPF (Solar Protection Factor).

Encompassing a unique manufacturing process similar to that used in the design and manufacture of modern sunglass eyewear, Topglass® GC SPF Solar control roof lighting, selects and singles out Infra-Red (heat) plus harmful Ultraviolet rays, thereby preventing heat build-up and UV damage to Stock and Plant.

Topglass GC SPF Applications

  • Food manufacturing buildings
  • Warehouses and food outlets storing food and fresh produce
  • Shopping centres and supermarkets
  • Bulk paper stores
  • Temperature sensitive environments that require high-quality, long-term natural lighting

Topglass GC SPF Features and Benefits

  • Provides maximum visible light transmission whilst preventing unwanted solar transmission into a building.
  • Reduces energy and air-conditioning costs, along with the need for additional artificial lighting.
  • Virtually eliminates harmful UVA and UVB rays from entering a building.
  • The sheet is aesthetically unique, providing innovative design characteristics for building designers.
  • Long-term effective light transmission.
  • Topglass® SPF is JAS-ANZ certified to AS 4256:3.
  • Exo-set 206 Premium Gelcoat.

Short and Long term UV Testing of Exo-set 206 Premium Gel-coat

Topglass GC with Exo-set 206 new generation Gelcoat has undergone QUV testing at the University of Auckland and is currently undergoing real world testing against a competitor’s product at the Allunga UV testing facility in North Queensland.

Test results to date are proof that New Generation Exo-Set 206 Premium Gelcoat is at the cutting edge of superior UV resistant coatings.

IMPACK ONE Pty Ltd Trading as Laserlite Building Products manufacturer of Topglass® Industrial Fibreglass, a bonded polyester sheeting, will guarantee the product Twenty Five (25) Years from date of purchase.

For Full Warranty Terms and Conditions, please contact your local Laserlite Building Products Representative.


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