Industrial Roofing


UV Film Protected translucent roofing

Topglass® translucent roofing has been specifically developed to combat the effect of UV rays and atmospheric pollutants without the ... Product Details

Topglass GC

Long lasting, high tech translucent roofing

Topglass® GC is the flagship of the Topglass® natural lighting family of products, and uses an innovative manufacturing process ... Product Details

Topglass GC Ultra-Safe

For exceptional strength, choose Ultra-Safe

Industry concerns relating to Natural Roof Lighting being classified as “brittle” and therefore possibly posing a danger to foot ... Product Details

Topglass FR50

For fire retardant, natural lighting and cladding

Topglass® FR50 is designed and supplied as a fire and smoke retardant natural lighting system for use in commercial and industrial ... Product Details

Topglass GC SPF

Reduce heat and glare with Topglass GC SPF

Topglass GC SPF is a revolutionary and innovative Gelcoated natural lighting product aptly named Topglass GC SPF (Solar Protection ... Product Details

TwinSkin Systems

Beat condensation issues with Topglass TwinSkin.

Where potential condensation issues are of concern, Laserlite Building Products manufacture a Twinskin System that offers a solution ... Product Details

TripleSkin Systems

Topglass® Triple-Skin Systems are primarily designed as a suitable fully insulated natural lighting roofing product. Topglass® GC ... Product Details

Industrial Ventilators

Use renewable energy to power your Industrial Vent

Laserlite Building Products Industrial Turbine Ventilators use renewable wind energy to create a positive flow through the ... Product Details

Topclad GC

Heavy Duty, Corrosion Resistant, Solid Colour

Topclad® GC utilises the same heavy duty, woven roving reinforcing system as Topglass® GC with the additional feature of a solid ... Product Details


Our Fibreglass Multipurpose Hex Head Assembly Fasteners are perfect for fastening Fibreglass Roofing to ... Product Details