Industrial Roofing


UV Film Protected translucent roofing

Topglass® translucent roofing has been specifically developed to combat the effect of UV rays and atmospheric pollutants without the ... Product Details

Topglass® GC

Long lasting, high tech translucent roofing

Topglass® GC is the flagship of the Topglass® natural lighting family of products, and uses an innovative manufacturing process ... Product Details

Topglass® GC Ultra-Safe

For exceptional strength, choose Ultra-Safe

Industry concerns relating to Natural Roof Lighting being classified as “brittle” and therefore possibly posing a danger to foot ... Product Details

Topglass® FR50

For fire retardant, natural lighting and cladding

Topglass® FR50 is designed and supplied as a fire and smoke retardant natural lighting system for use in commercial and industrial ... Product Details

Topglass® GC SPF

Reduce heat and glare with Topglass GC SPF

Topglass GC SPF is a revolutionary and innovative Gelcoated natural lighting product aptly named Topglass GC SPF (Solar Protection ... Product Details

Topglass® TopCool

Heat Reducing Translucent Roofing

Topglass® TopCool is a specialised heat-reducing fibre-reinforced polyester sheeting, designed for industrial, commercial and ... Product Details

TwinSkin Systems

Beat condensation issues with Topglass® TwinSkin.

Where potential condensation issues are of concern, Laserlite Building Products manufacture a Twinskin System that offers a solution ... Product Details

TripleSkin Systems

Topglass® Triple-Skin Systems are primarily designed as a suitable fully insulated natural lighting roofing product. Topglass® GC ... Product Details

Industrial Ventilators

Use renewable energy to power your Industrial Vent

Laserlite Building Products Industrial Turbine Ventilators use renewable wind energy to create a positive flow through the ... Product Details

Topclad GC

Heavy Duty, Corrosion Resistant, Solid Colour

Topclad® GC utilises the same heavy duty, woven roving reinforcing system as Topglass® GC with the additional feature of a solid ... Product Details


Our Topglass® Fibreglass Hex Head Assembly Fasteners are perfect for fastening Fibreglass Roofing to ... Product Details