Topclad GC

Heavy Duty, Corrosion Resistant, Solid Colour

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Topclad® GC utilises the same heavy duty, woven roving reinforcing system as Topglass® GC with the additional feature of a solid colour pigment added to the Gel-Coat layer to formulate a corrosive-resistant cladding system for use as an innovative replacement for traditional materials.

Also available in Topclad® GC Ultrasafe to alleviate concerns of walking on Fibreglass structured roofing.


  • Fertiliser Plants
  • Chemical and Powder-coating Plants
  • Wool scouring facilities
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Salt Extraction Facilities
  • Severe marine environments
  • Wood Pulp and Paper Plants
  • Poultry and animal sheds
  • Acid plants and smelters
  • Galvanising plants
  • Effluent tank cladding
  • Areas where there is a danger of persons climbing on a roof (Ultra-Safe only)

Topclad™ GC reinforced Polyester roof sheeting is manufactured by Laserlite Building Products to comply with AS 4256.3: 2006 JAS-ANZ Certified. The sheeting shall be measured in g/m² or mm (sheet thickness) and manufactured to conform to the nominated roofing and cladding profile. Installation shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of AS 1562.3: 2006.

• Topclad™ GC has no known chemical reaction with any construction materials;
• The sheeting is resistant to solar deterioration and most corrosive atmospheres;
• Unaffected by solvents, including hydrocarbons, and provides excellent resistance to most corrosive acids and alkalis.

Where Topclad™ GC will be in continuous contact with moisture, Laserlite Building Products Technical department should be contacted prior to ordering.

To comply with the requirements of AS 1562.3: 2006 Part 3 Plastic, translucent roofing products are classified as “Brittle Roofing” and therefore not suitable to support foot traffic. With exception of Topglass®/Topclad™ GC Ultra-Safe. Safety mesh should be installed under all translucent roofing.

Thermal Expansion
2.2 x 10.5 cm / cm °C E.g. 7m long sheet with a 40°C temperature change = 2.2 x 10.5 x (10 x 100) x 7 x 40 = 6.16mm per 7m length at 40°C temperature rise.

Topclad™ GC can be supplied as fire retardant sheeting. See Topglass® FR50.

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