Topglass® TopCool

Heat Reducing Translucent Roofing

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Topglass® TopCool is a specialised heat-reducing fibre-reinforced polyester sheeting, designed for industrial, commercial and domestic applications where maximum light transmission with minimal heat transfer is desirable. This product is produced using premium quality raw materials with the latest nanotechnology resins and surface films. It contributes to providing a comfortable environment, and will help reduce energy costs associated with air conditioning and artificial lighting.


• Industrial and commercial skylights
• Building skylight sidings
• Nursery and retail areas
• Sports venue skylights
• Light diffuser
• Non-delaminating surface technology
• Resistant to degradation and embrittlement
• Outstanding surface erosion resistance
• Resistant to commonplace chemicals

Features and Benefits

• Nanosphere technology
• Provides substantial savings in energy costs
• Superior long-term reduction of solar heat transfer
• Excellent long-term weathering characteristics
• Superior long-term diffused light properties

Colours and Tints

Topglass® TopCool comes in one colour only, allowing a light transmission of 40% and a solar transmittance reduction of up to 52.5% from standard plastic sheeting. This is achieved by the fusion of white pigment, polyester resin and nanospheres prior to our unique curing process. This process promotes, superior heat reflecting properties and is a clean, aesthetically pleasing product that enhances even light distribution.



IMPACK ONE Pty Ltd Trading as Laserlite Building Products manufacturer of Topglass® Industrial Fibreglass, a bonded polyester sheeting, will guarantee the product Ten (10) Years from date of purchase.

For Full Warranty Terms and Conditions, please contact your local Laserlite Building Products Representative.

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