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Our Topglass® Fibreglass Hex Head Assembly Fasteners are perfect for fastening Fibreglass Roofing to Steel.

Recommended Driver:

Suitable Cordless Drill or Screwdriver. Speed: Low.

Where wire safety mesh is incorporated under the fibreglass sheeting and over a purlin, a protective Purlin Strip or Purlin Tape must be installed to prevent fracturing. Laserlite Building Products manufacture a self-adhesive fibreglass strip and 48mm x 5mm self-adhesive protective tape to suit all applications.

Laserlite Building products also supply a 24mm x 5mm self-adhesive lap seal tape for use on end laps of fibreglass sheet to fibreglass sheet or fibreglass sheet to steel sheet as per the Topglass® installation guide, Laserlite Building Products also recommend the use of this tape on the entire length of the sheet on both sides of the overlap to assist the prevention of capillary action.